"Virtuves Pasaulis" invites kitchenware manufacturers and wholesalers to cooperate.

    We offer you a reliable online sales channel for cookware. The leading e-commerce network in Germany and the Baltic states with stores kuchinapasaulis.lt, kuchinapasaulis.lv, kuchinapasaulis.ee, kuechen-welt.eu. Not only will you avoid the additional investment required to build your own e-commerce solutions, but you will also enjoy Kitchen World's unique benefits:

    Trade your goods in all three Baltic countries; plus intense kitchenware communication and special offers in Germany. We cooperate and use Virtuvespa communication tools, media, social networks, etc.;
    storage services if necessary;
    automated assortment, inventory management, accounting and other information exchange systems;
    wide range of paid and free delivery methods for customers.

    Do you want to collaborate? Write an e-mail to info@virtuvespasaulis.ee

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